• Paul Mengert spoke about how people can come to see the same issues very differently

  • Posted on April 02, 2014

  • Paul Mengert recently addressed students at the University of Wake Forest Law School. He was there to provide an interesting and unique perspective on how laws can affect the management of homeowners associations. Law students hear about the intricacies of policies and laws in classroom settings all the time, but it is often nothing more than an academic exercise.
    Mengert spoke to Wake Forest Law School's students in order to provide insight into the challenges homeowner associations face as private entities that provide some municipal type services. Paul Mengert discussed, at length, state and local laws and ordinances that affect homeowners associations and condominium associations in various ways. Additionally, he discussed and shared his findings as they related to his company's research on improving policies and enhancing small group decisions.
    Paul Mengert is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Association Management Group, Inc. He is the guiding force behind one of the most successful homeowners association management companies in North Carolina and South Carolina. Paul Mengert spoke about how people can come to see the same issues very differently and how to bridge those differences. He explained to the assembled audience how groups can accept the fact that they view a situation differently, then genuinely listen to one another in order to dramatically improve the results of the groups’ decisions. Rather than making decisions based upon first reactions and preconceived notions, groups make better decisions if they embrace expert testimony, research, and crowd-sourcing various opinions.
    Paul believes that his team has been able to utilize a set of decisions which can guarantee small groups, boards, and committees can make better decisions. During the last couple of years, Paul Mengert and his management groups have been pouring over materials that have been prepared by the University of Illinois and the Harvard Business School on this subject.
    Association Management Group has six locations in the Carolinas and has employed state of the art management techniques at all of these locations. This is what has enabled them to obtain over 98% overall customer satisfaction rates.

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